This section aims to familiarize you with Champions ID features, so that you can start exploiting the power of the platform quickly in simple steps.


  • Complete Your Profile

Follow the instructions in bar completion that states the status of the Profile completeness step by step. Once you reach the 100%, you automatically start getting more attention.

profile copleteness



  • Upload Images & Share Vidoes

Share images of your sport life, upload videos with your highlights from youtube showing you performing. By doing that often, gives to your followers a much better visibility of the consistency of your performance week by week.

add video



  • Enter Your Skills

Let others know how you would rate yourself in the key skills of your Sports. So for example if you are a basketball player, how would you rate yourself in Shot Inside, 3P Shooting, Free Throw, etc.




  • Capture your Statistics/ Career History

You can easily capture your entire Career history statistics per season so that anyone can see your progress, performance and future statistics.

adding historycareer table


  • Update your calendar and your statistics

Share with everyone following you when you play and how you perform in each of the games you play. After the end of them, go and edit the result, so that you can capture your performance in your last game.

Calendar snapshot 1

calendar 4



  • Share your awards & key milestones

Let people know what are your key achievements that you are most proud of. You can also link those with a press link of an image. This is your Personal Trophy Room.

 add award

awards shorter



  • Invite your Network

Its all about socializing and creating more visibility for you, your achievements and your talents. By increasing the number of your followers among your Sport network, you increase the pairs of eyes looking at you every day!

invite users short



  • Choose themes you love to learn about, share knowledge in any of them

Share knowledge on topics you have expertise in your sport field and learn from others by following the themes that are most relevant for you. Simply follow the theme and you will get all the posts in your feed instantly.

follow themes



  • Search Champions

Search athletes, sports professionals among your Sport network and discover new people from all around the world sharing the same passion with you or looking to discover a talent like you!


  • Increase your Rating and climb amongst rest users in the Trending Users list.

The rating you get is a dynamic number based on a sophisticated algorithm which keeps track of your Skills rating by yourself, your followers and the ratings you get in your posts every week. The higher the rating the higher the chances to get discovered and rank high among your network.

 total rating


Champions ID